Our Values

A Traveler's Garden hereby pledges to uphold the sacred value of Truth in all forms. We believe that the Truth is realized not only through outward and inward honesty, but through a variety of virtues, actions, and awareness. We believe that by practicing compassion in all of its forms mankind draws ever closer to an objective Truth that allows us to exist peacefully and bountifully. Therefore, we strongly support, believe in and participate in the following:

-Human rights and environmental movements including: Womens' Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Black Lives Matter, Natural Medicine, and Organic Farming. 

-Honesty both within ourselves and among our fellow humans

-Compassion toward all forms of life

-Maintaining healthy boundaries, in honor of self and community

-Organic farming and gardening

-Organic, Pesticide-Free Food

-Organic, Plant-Based Medicine

-Visionary Art

-The creation of peace, beauty, and love through art

We are also happy to promote ideas, writings, art, resources, groups, and individuals who express the above values. If you would like us to feature you on our website or social media, please send us an email with links to your work at atravelersgarden@gmail.com for consideration!