Crystal healing is not a substitute for medical care, especially for chronic or serious conditions. The information provided is strictly research and does not promise to cure any medical condition.

The following research is provided, strictly for the aim of sharing research published by proclaimed crystal healers and researchers.



-A crystal usually found in its lab-grown geometric form- but it does also occur naturally

-Activates the crown and higher chakras

-Cycles the kundalini energies back down through the body, energizing lower chakras

-Excellent assistant for moving between the physical and spiritual realms

-Helps cultivate constructive thought patterns and release complex, obsolete thought patterns

-Raises body cell frequencies to accommodate new energies.

-Lab-grown, geometric bismuth is excellent for ensuring group cohesiveness

-Quells isolation, and encourages community



-Beneficial for stomach and intestinal issues

-Energetically strengthens muscles

-Reduces fevers

-Overcomes extreme exhaustion

-Helps discover new ways to heal chronic health conditions



-Grid, hold, or place appropriately

“The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall