Crystal healing is not a substitute for medical care, especially for chronic or serious conditions. The information provided is strictly research and does not promise to cure any medical condition.

The following research is provided, strictly for the aim of sharing research published by proclaimed crystal healers and researchers.


-Extremely powerful stone / High spiritual vibration / Links to the spiritual world
-Guards against psychic attack (and transmutes it to love)
-Strong healing/cleansing powers
-Guards against geopathic stress (energy disturbances from things like power lines/underground water, and negative earth energy lines (ley lines). Geopathic stress contributes to diseases of all kinds).
-Enhances higher states of consciousness
-Excellent for meditation & scrying
-Enhances spiritual awareness
-Encourages sobriety

-Calms the mind
-Increases mental focus
-Helps relieve insomnia caused by overactive mind
-Protects against recurrent nightmares
-Enhances memory
-Increases motivation

-Promotes emotional balance (dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety)
-Supports coming to terms with loss

-Promotes love of the divine
-Enhances psychic gifts

***DO NOT place in direct sunlight as color will fade!


-Boosts production of hormones/tunes the endocrine system & metabolism
-Strengthens the cleansing and eliminating organs and immune system
--Excellent blood cleanser
-Relives pain (physical/emotional/psychological)
-Blocks geopathic stress
-Eases headaches & tension
-Reduces bruising, injuries, and swelling
-Treats hearing disorders
-Heals lung and respiratory diseases
--Heals skin conditions
-Heals cellular disorders
-Heals digestive tract diseases and intestines (regulating flora and removing parasites)
-Treats insomnia
-Can stabilize psychiatric conditions (but should NOT be used in cases of paranoia or schizophrenia)
-Especially beneficial worn over the throat or heart

“The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall